AS Tronic


     AS Tronic – For Heavyweights

     AS Tronic is the first available automatic commercial vehicle transmission of its kind. It performs valuable work in the giants on our streets. Whether long-distance heavy goods transport, delivery traffic, or special vehicles – AS Tronic leads the field.



-   Fully automatic, quick, and accurate shifting

-   Higher level of driving safety – maximum driving comfort

-   Reduced fuel consumption, reduced fine particle emissions

-   Fewer clutch replacements

-   Integrated modular design

-   Intarder, PTOs


     AS Tronic - Automatically economical, safe, and comfortable

     Automatically economical: With 12 or 16 fine-tuned gears, the engine always operates in the most economical range. Perfect communication between engine, clutch, and transmission preserves the entire driveline – both when maneuvering at crawling speed and on the road.

     Automatically safe: The integrated retarder enables reliable, fading-free deceleration, preserves the brakes, and increases safety.

     Automatically comfortable: The AS Tronic control unit ensures optimally coordinated clutch work and shifting. The driver can fully concentrate on traffic. Besides the automatic mode, the manual mode is available on request.

     List of ZF approved lubricants for AS Tronic (TE-ML 02):