EcoLife in the Coach


     The universal genius in the coach


     When the journey is the destination, EcoLife is on board. Whether for touring, rural routes, in the city, or in mixed service: ZF's powerful automatic transmission sets worldwide standards for comfort, vehicle handling, and efficiency. EcoLife is a convincing solution in any situation, even in case of difficult topography.



-    6 mechanical driving gears plus torque converter

-    High ratio range

-    Fully automatic shifting

-    Load shifting without traction power loss

-    Driving resistance-dependent shift control

-    Dual heat exchanger concept

-    Primary retarder

-    Powerful and universally applicable


     EcoLife also tackles challenging routes with ease: Up to 2300 newton meters of torque and 6 speeds negotiate any incline and ensure high average speeds at low engine speed. The standard integrated TopoDyn Life drive program makes a major contribution by activating the gearshift strategy which delivers optimum fuel consumption based on the topography and driving resistance.

     The hydraulic torque converter allows slow maneuvering without clutch wear. After a short start-off phase, the torque converter is bypassed which guarantees maximum energy efficiency. The standard torsional vibration damper reduces shift speeds so that the engine can run at lower speeds.

     As a result, this minimizes fuel consumption and noise development. Shift errors on an incline or hot brakes going downhill? Not with an automatic transmission with a primary retarder! As this does not depend on the output speed, it delivers maximum deceleration almost up to vehicle standstill.

     The dual cooling system with transmission and retarder heat exchanger reliably protects against overheating and thus extends oil change intervals.

     The wide-ranging applications of the durable universal genius EcoLife also increase the bus's resale value, since it will slot in perfectly with the new application as the bus takes on its second life.



     List of approved ZF lubricants for EcoLife (TE-ML 20):