EcoLite for Light Commercial Vehicles - Flexible, powerful, less costly


      The range of light commercial vehicles is just as diverse as the demands that are placed upon them every single day. The manual EcoLite transmissions deliver thanks to their easy operation, flexible use, and cheap maintenance.



-     6 gears

-     Fully synchronized, quiet running

-     Light and robust

-     Optional: PTOs and parking brake

-     Dynamic driving with supreme economy


      The robust, easy-to-maintain EcoLite transmissions with 6 gears ensure long-lasting driving pleasure in light commercial vehicles, vans, and pickups. The manual transmission is light for its high performance and is characterized by its long service life and operating smoothness. 

      The engine output is powerfully transferred in the lower gears, which enables off-road applications, whereas when fuel savings are called for it is provided in higher gears during overland trips.

      The smooth-running gearshift device and state-of-the-art synchronizer packs allow for ideal operation via a cable-controlled, shift lever, or shift linkage control.

      The wide transmission range is suitable for very different vehicle concepts with respect to the number of gears, direct or overdrive versions, ratio range, and for various torques.


      List of ZF approved lubricants for EcoLite (TE-ML 02):