EcoMat - the automatic transmission system for the modern communal truck

     ZF EcoMat transmissions from ranges HP 500, HP 590 and HP 600 can be used in multiple applications in commercial

and special vehicles. It is possible to select between 4, 5 or 6 - speed transmissions to cover all requirements

- from fitting in a garbage compactor to use in a fire truck.

     To ensure the broadest possible range of applications, Ecomat transmissions can be fitted with

many auxiliaries. They have been designed to comply fully with today's requirement of traffic safety and optimum




-    Fully automatic

-    Hydrodynamic torque converter

-    Integrated primary retarder

-    Planetary transmissions with 4 or 5 speeds

-    Electronic automatic shift control unit

-    Electro hydraulic transmission control unit


     EcoMat 2:

-    Introduction of CAN technology

-    Introduction of emission standards

-    New electronic control unit with integrated system diagnosis

-    Electronically controlled CityBus retarder


     EcoMat 2 plus:

-    Self-learning electronics ECU 146/147

-    ZF-Ecofluid A plus transmission oil

-    Recording of operating data (Testman Pro)

-    6-speed transmission (6 in the sity)

-    Universal driveline


     EcoMat 4:

-    Optimized for emission standard Euro 4

-    Input torque up to 1 750 Nm

-    Torsional damper (optional) 



-    Flexible implications

-    Reduced expenses for maintenance and fuel

-    Increased reliability

-    Minimum exhaust emissions

-    Refined driving comfort

-    Intarder

-    Low noise emissions


     List of ZF approved lubricants for EcoMat (TE-ML 14):