EcoSplit - The power pack for heavy trucks

     Transporting heavy loads to their destination quickly, safely, and economically. Also doing an excellent job in difficult terrain, off-road. In order to achieve all of this, commercial vehicles need a powerful engine and a transmission which transfers power with precision: EcoSplit.



-     Fully synchronized basic transmission

-     Servoshift support

-     12 or 16 gear steps

-     Low-noise

-     Optional Intarder for a plus in safety

-     PTOs for auxiliary power units


      Proven itself millions of times – the classic for heavy trucks

      The light transmission version with twelve gear steps always applies optimum power onto the road with all engine types – when launching, accelerating, or making headway. With sixteen gear steps, the fully synchronized manual transmission shows its strength, especially when it comes to off-road applications such as in construction and special vehicles.

      The transmission can be equipped with various different ZF PTOs in order to power additional units.

      A compact aluminum housing eliminates unnecessary weight and increases the payload. The helical teeth allow for quiet operation.

      With the pneumatic Servoshift shifting assistance, the driver selects the gears quickly and without expenditure of energy. In doing so, a variety of different gear shift variants and shift patterns is available.

      Another boost in safety is the optional Intarder that reliably relieves the service brakes – not only when traveling downhill.

      List of ZF approved lubricants for EcoSplit (TE-ML 02):