Hydrodynamic powershift transmissions


    ERGOPOWER - Maximum utilization of power, low fuel consumption


      With ERGOPOWER ZF provides the transmission technology for dumpers from which vehicle manufacturers and drivers benefit alike. Not only efficiency and handling have been improved. Due to vertical arrangement of spur gear ratios, the axle differential can be integrated into the housing. An additional transfer case is thus not necessary. The ERGOPOWER transmission allows furthermore the connection of an electronic driveline management.



-     Easy and convenient handling

-     Excellent shift quality without tractive effort interruption

-     Cost savings through compact modular design

-     Prevention of meshing errors through extremely short shafts

-     Low noise emission due to helical and high contact toothing

-     Low fuel consumption

-     Connection possibility for electronic driveline management


    ERGOPOWER LII - Optimum traction and efficiency


      The ERGOPOWER LII is an automatic powershift transmission for dumpers up to 50 tons payload. The transmission is characterized by its high loading capacity. It is powershiftable and offers up to eight forward and four reverse gears which can be shifted perfectly smoothly under electronic control. Due to the integrated primary retarder, the transmission offers very good braking performance and significantly reduces wear of the brakes.



-     Up to 20 percent reduction of fuel consumption due to reduction of engine speeds

-     High loading capacity, reduced wear

-     Optimum shift pattern even under highest loads due to wide gear ratio

-     Very good braking performance


      List of ZF approved lubricants for Ergopower  TE-ML 03: