ZF Power-take-offs (PTOs) - More than just driving


     ZF PTOs transform commercial vehicles into true specialists for extremely specific tasks. They can collect garbage, flush sewage systems, clean streets, clear snow, mow slopes, mix and pump concrete, lift heavy loads…



-     Transmissions and PTOs from a single source

-     Application-oriented range of PTOs

-     Technical consultation as early as the driveline design stage

-     Subsequent assembly possible

-     ZF system responsibility and warranty

-     Universally applicable PTOs


     Engine-dependent PTOs are arranged between engine and transmission and are always driven directly by the engine via a special coupling and can be activated and deactivated while stationary or during travel, and even when loaded. 

     Applications: High-pressure pumps for fire-fighting vehicles, sewer cleaning and suction vehicles, drilling devices, concrete mixers, and concrete pumps.

     Clutch-dependent PTOs are fitted on the output end or laterally on the transmission housing. They only operate when the engine is running and the vehicle clutch is closed.

     Applications: Water, sludge, and hydraulic pumps, compressors, winches, turntable-equipped trucks, working platforms, etc.

     Drive-dependent PTOs are connected to the transmission output shaft. They are active as soon as the drive wheels of the vehicle begin to move. They supply the hydraulic system of dual-circuit steering systems with working pressure. This means that the vehicle can still be steered in the case of engine failure.