AS Tronic


    AS Tronic - 1 Transmission, 12 gears, an infinite number of options


     For years, AS Tronic has been outstanding on intercity routes. With the automatic 12-speed transmission system, bus drivers ensure their passengers get to their destination safely and comfortably, worldwide. And with a consistent price-performance ratio that makes the AS Tronic even more compelling.



-    Fully automatic shifting; manual gear selection possible

-    Higher level of driving safety – maximum driving comfort

-    Saves fuel

-    Superb reliability and long transmission service life

-    Reduced clutch wear

-    ZF-Intarder

-    Travel safely and without stress


    AS Tronic combines tried-and-trusted ZF technology with modern electronics. The control unit of the 12-speed automatic transmission provides for optimally coordinated shifting and clutch work. And it is not only passengers that benefit from this unrivaled level of comfort. Drivers are also much more relaxed at the wheel. Furthermore, AS Tronic also lets the bus driver ultimately choose – at the push of a button they can switch anytime from automatic to manual mode and vice versa.

The high number of closely stepped gears enables the engine to always operate in the most economical range. In addition, the integrated Intarder provides safe, fadefree deceleration and reduces brake wear. With its reliability and long service life, AS Tronic also improves the operator's bottom line.

    AS Tronic: more safety on the road and more efficiency in the company.


    List of ZF approved lubricants for AS Tronic (TE-ML 02):