AS Tronic Lite


    AS Tronic Lite in Coaches - automatically economical, comfortable, and safe


      Whether in light coaches, shuttle services, or school buses: Alongside cost-efficiency aspects, the comfort and safety of passengers are paramount. AS Tronic Lite offers light motorized buses the chance to profit from the benefits of automatic transmissions.



-     Fully automatic shifting; manual gear selection possible

-     Higher level of driving safety – maximum driving comfort

-     Saves fuel

-     Superb reliability and long transmission service life

-     Reduced clutch wear

-     Driving made easy


      Full concentration is vital in rapidly changing traffic situations. The automatic 6-speed shift system supports the driver by eliminating the need to operate the clutch and gear lever. Thus, incorrect gear changes become a thing of the past with AS Tronic Lite. This reduces fuel consumption, protects the engine, and ensures long transmission service life. Short shifting times ensure the dynamic performance needed for acceleration. The electrohydraulically shifting transmission with a space-saving modular design is suitable for engines with an input torque of up to 1 100 newton meters.

      Reduced clutch wear and less brake dust in comparison to a manually operated transmission cut maintenance costs and environmental impact.


     List of ZF approved lubricants for AS Tronic Lite TE - ML 02 series: