AS Tronic Lite


    AS Tronic Lite - Automatically economical in city traffic

      Delivery traffic is a challenge to both driver and vehicle. The AS Tronic Lite automated transmission delivers dynamic driving coupled with short shifting times and relieves the drivers by allowing them to concentrate on traffic.



-     Fully automatic gear changes, manual gear selection possible

-     Quick and accurate shifting

-     Higher level of driving safety – maximum driving comfort

-     Reduced fuel consumption

-     Less clutch wear

-     PTOs possible

-     For the city, for everyday use


      With the AS Tronic Lite, even the light and medium-duty delivery traffic benefits from the advantages of automatic transmissions: Intelligent electronics select the ideal gear depending upon the driving situation and the route. The electronic protection against incorrect gear changes, engine over-revving, and torque peaks preserves the entire driveline. Compared to manual transmissions, fuel consumption is reduced and the service life of the clutch is also extended many times over.

      Typical for the AS Tronic family: High-performance gears with helical teeth minimize noise emissions and as a result, predestine the transmissions for use in the city. The reduced CO₂ and brake dust emissions also contribute to this.


      List of ZF approved lubricants for AS Tronic Lite TE - ML 02 series:



      Product              Speeds (forw.)          Input torque (Nm / Lb/ft)               Ratio spread

      6 AS 700 TO        6                                700 / 516                                         6.02 - 0.79; R 5.58

      6 AS 800 TO        6                                850 / 627                                         6.58 - 0.78; R 6.06

      6 AS 1000 TO      6                                1050 / 774                                       6.75 - 0.78; R 6.06